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Anti Aging Therapies @ Aura Skin and Hair Clinic , Vizag - By Dr Sravani Sandhya

In my last blog I have given tips to keep your skin young and healthy on a long run.So in this blog I want to discuss about different modalities of treatment available to mask away your aging skin..

Anti-aging therapies can be grouped under the following:

• Cosmetological care

• Topical agents

• Systemic agents

• Procedures

Cosmetological care

Excellent sun-protection is essential to avoid photodamage. Proper selection and usage of both UVA and UVB protective sunscreens is advised as ultraviolet irradiation reduces production of type I
procollagen, the major structural protein in human skin.

Daily skin care routine should include avoidance of hot, frequent and prolonged baths and avoidance of detergent soaps and foams, which could actually lead to dryness of the skin. Use of moisturizers
is believed to be a key to fountain of youth, although there is disagreement in the literature about the long-term effects of moisturizing the skin.

Topical agents

Topical treatments have a major advantage of being noninvasive but have a long latency period of 3-6 months before any visible change can be observed; they require perpetual maintenance and can cause contact irritancy or allergy and are expensive.

Vitamin C:
Other antiaging topicals: N-furfuryladenine 0.1%, Chlorella, Copper peptide complex is used in the prevention and reversal of photoaging.
Alpha hydroxy acids

Systemic agents

These include vitamins C and E, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ 10), green tea (polyphenols), melatonin and selenium.

Hormones: Estradiol and testosterone implantation in postmenopausal women is supposed to retard collagen loss.


Procedures refer to office-based treatments that may be either physician-performed or device-driven procedures such as laser treatments.
  • Microdermabrasion: 
  • Chemical peels:
  • Botulinum toxin: 
  • Soft tissue augmentation
  • Lasers
Cutaneous resurfacing can be broadly divided into ablative skin resurfacing (ASR), which can be accomplished by the use of pulsed carbon dioxide and erbium:YAG; or non-ablative dermal remodeling
(NDR), which can be achieved by non-ablative neodymium: YAG system, radiofrequency, intense pulsed light, fractional photo-thermolysis or light emitting diode photomodulation.

Based on the study performed by the American Society for

Dermatologic Surgery in 1999, it was found that majority of women agreed in the adage 'you look as good as you feel.' The Indian women are no different, except that the cost of procedures to look good is prohibitive. Most of the device-driven procedures are expensive and hence simple office-based procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, fillers and botulinum toxin would continue to be the mainstay of anti-aging therapies in India.

However, advancements in dermatology and explosion of technology will hopefully continue to make antiaging therapies affordable and acceptable to more individuals in future.

At Aura Skin Clinic we advise and perform all the anti-aging therapies based on the client need.

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