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Pigmentation On Neck & Treatment at Aura Skin Clinic

This is fairly a common condition called as Acanthosis nigricans where in skin gets dark and thick with accentuation of skin lines. It is a warning sign of a health problem that requires medical attention. So its high time that you give your skin some attention.

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Why do we develop these lesions?

It could be because of various causes:
  • Hereditary
  • Benign that is associated with endocrine disorders
  • Obesity
  • Drug induced
  • Malignancy
Which age group is commonly prone?

Childhood or puberty, other age groups depend on underlying condition.

How do these lesions appear?

The lesions are dark and thick with accentuation of skin markings, it gives velvety and dirty appearance.

Is it always seen on the neck?

It is commonly seen over axillae neck, groins, knuckles and submammmary lines,
oral mucosa.

But a lot of patients may not have all the areas involved most commonly we see this over neck and groin

How do you diagnose?

History of usage of any medication.

Blood investigations for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Skin biopsy in some cases.

Imaging and endoscopy to rule out malignancy

What is the treatment?

Maintaining a healthy life style like regular exercise and eating right kind of food.

If you are obese you should check on your weight. In case of drug induced acanthosis nigricans offending drugs should be stopped.

Cosmetic treatments include topical retinoids and keratolytics.

At Aura Skin Clinic our dermatologists will take a detailed history of your condition and treat accordingly.

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