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Thursday, July 8, 2021

LED Light Therapy, Does It Really Work? - Dr Sravani Sandhya, Aura Skin & Hair Clinic, Vizag


LED light therapy is something that is synonymous with all the new age dermatological and skincare clinics worldwide. It is a treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light in order to treat different skin conditions, the most popular being red and blue. NASA originally developed it for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found it to have promise for wound treatment. LED light therapy is now used by some aestheticians to help regenerate the skin from aging. It’s also used for acne. Your healthcare provider uses red or blue light frequencies based on the skincare concern. Red is primarily used for anti-aging, while blue is used for acne treatment.


Unlike other types of light therapy, LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays and are therefore safe for regular use. LED light therapy has no side effects compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It is relatively safe for all skin colours and types. Please mention the medicines you take for acne or other skin conditions to your doctor before you start the therapy. You should avoid LED therapy if you have skin rashes. Side effects are extremely rare but may include increased inflammation, redness and rashes.


Stay away from the sun for about 48 hours and use sunscreen. In case of any redness or swelling please apply cold packs.


This is a convenient procedure and takes about 20 minutes at the most. It is the perfect treatment to do in the office lunch break. It is most effective when performed every week and later every couple of months.

Red light

Red, or infrared, light is used for treating the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. When the light is applied to your skin, the epidermis absorbs it and then stimulates collagen proteins.

In theory, more collagen means that your skin will look smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red LED light is also thought to reduce inflammation while improving circulation, which can give you a healthier glow.

Blue light

Blue LED light therapy, on the other hand, targets the sebaceous glands, which are also called oil glands. They’re located beneath your hair follicles.

Sebaceous glands are necessary for lubricating your skin and hair so that it doesn’t dry out. However, these glands can become overactive, leading to oily skin and acne.

The theory is that blue LED light therapy can target these oil glands and make them less active. In turn, you may see fewer acne breakouts. Blue light can also kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, which can help treat severe acne pimples, including cysts and nodules.

Some other wavelengths and their benefits:


Stay away from the sun for about 48 hours and use a sunscreen. In case of any redness or swelling please apply cold packs.

How long does it take for light therapy to work?

You can see results from the first treatment, however we would recommend a minimum course of six. For more dramatic results and if you'd like to supercharge your skin we would advise you to take a course of 12 treatments.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Now photoshop your skin to look flawless in real time with this skin care beauty wand by Opte - Aura Skin & Hair Clinic, Visakhapatnam

CES 2019 may have the answer to our biggest skin care problems with the Opté, a premium beauty device that treats your skin imperfections while covering them flawlessly.

Opte is a system based upon digital technology, and it works to create the most perfect skin possible. Its big advantage is that it works instantly, and will remove any imperfections in the skin and spots within seconds.

The system runs a scan of your skin, that locates every single imperfection. It then sets about correcting each detected imperfection with mineral applications that match the color of your skin exactly.

Check out this video below to see how it works in real time.

Watching the Opté apply makeup looks like magic, its like photoshop in real time, just removing all the spots and making skin look clear.

Opté analyses the photos to pinpoint imperfections, then, it custom-creates a serum designed to hide those imperfections. Finally, a printer with 120 inkjet nozzles, each thinner than a hair, covers the spot precisely with 1,000 picoliter droplets. It all happens nearly instantaneously as you wave the wand over your skin.

Opté is also easier to use than traditional products, which take time and artistry to apply. With the Opté you just scan the Precision Wand across your skin and walk out the door.

Everything comes at a price, Opté wand will be available for $599 by the end of 2019.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for your Skin - By Dr Sravani Sandhya , Aura Skin and Hair Clinic

Dark chocolate is among the countless derivatives of cacao beans. It tastes a little bitter and thus not very popular among many people. But it has many health and beauty benefits to offer which makes it more preferable than the regular varieties of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is also packed with potent antioxidants and contains various essential nutrients which help you to stay healthy and beautiful. 

Is dark chocolate good for you? Besides healthcare, dark chocolate has several beauty benefits to offer too.

1.) High in Antioxidants
Dark chocolate hosts a range of potent antioxidants. These antioxidants protect your skin from free radical damage;

2.) Get Glowing Skin
Dark chocolate boasts wonderful stress-relieving qualities and work wonders in getting you a glowing skin by reducing elevated stress hormones.

3.) Protects Skin From UV Damage
it shields your skin against detrimental UV rays and thus helps in Preventing conditions like sunburns and skin cancer.

4.) Nourishes your Skin
Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps you achieve a smooth, problem-free complexion. It also keeps your skin moist and well nourished.

5.) Excellent Skin - Detoxifier
Dark chocolate makes an excellent skin-detoxifier in combination with caffeine. It sloughs off the dead skin cells and allows the newly exposed, fresh skin to breathe freely.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hair Loss Treatment - Aura Skin Clinic , Vizag

Regardless of the time of year, hair loss is always one of the most frequent complaints in the dermatology clinic. At some point in life, hair loss affects over half of all individuals for one reason or another. Sometimes, hair loss is temporary. In such instances, it may be secondary to another condition or cause, and it may resolve without treatment. 

hairloss treatment at aura skin clinic

More women than men suffer from temporary hair loss. A variety of causes including hormonal influence, stress, diet, medications, or other medical conditions may play a role in temporary hair loss. However, much more commonly, hair loss is genetic in nature. Some genetic hair loss may also be temporary in nature, but most genetic hair loss will worsen over time if left untreated.Although the loss of hair is generally benign in nature, it can carry a substantial psychological toll on many individuals.

Studies have shown that 52% of women and 28% of men with hair loss are “very-to-extremely upset” about it. Often hair loss will lead to a decline in self-esteem and self-confidence, and may pay a role in the worsening of depression or anxiety. When dealing with hair loss that is secondary to another cause or condition, the causative factor must be treated. However, for genetic-type hair loss there are several currently available treatment options.

Such treatments may be over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription, and they may be delivered topically, orally, or by injection into the skin. In some cases, more than one treatment is recommended in order to utilize multiple mechanisms of action.Topical treatments for hair loss include minoxidil and various steroidal applications. Minoxidil is available OTC. It helps to both maintain current hair growth as well as promote re-growth. It is safe and effective in both men and women, and generally well tolerated. It usually takes 3-6 months to show and effect, and must be used continuously to maintain the benefits. Oral treatments also include both prescription and OTC options. Traditionally, oral prescription drugs options include finasteride, dutasteride, and spironolactone. These drugs work by interfering with the natural hormones that cause hair loss, and depending upon the drug chosen, there are options for both men and women.

These drugs are useful to reduce further hair loss, and in many cases will produce regrowth of previously lost hair. Like many prescription oral drugs, these medications may have systemic side effects, and the risks and benefits of treatment should be discussed with your dermatology provider.

For more details discuss with experts at Aura Skin and Hair Clinic and analyze the root cause.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Laser Tattoo Removal - Aura Skin Clinic, Visakhaptatnam

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Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure & Questions To Ask A Dermatologist

General questions to ask your doctor before tattoo removals

  • Is a doctor on site? 
  • Is the doctor board-certified in dermatology? 
  • Was my medical history taken? 
  • Was I given an initial evaluation to determine if the technique or procedure is appropriate for my skin type? 
  • Did the doctor show me before-and-after photos?   

How does it work?

The advanced technology works by allowing the light produced by the laser to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. The body then disposes of these fragments via its immune system. It usually takes several treatment sessions to ensure success, with regular intervals between sessions.

What is the estimated cost of the procedure? 

Cost is dependent on the size of the lesion

How long is one appointment?

Time is dependent on the size of the lesion that is from 10 mins to few hours.

How often will I need to receive treatment to remove my tattoo?

you will need treatment minimum every four weeks and a course of 6-10 treatments is often enough to remove the tattoo depending on the colour and depth of the tattoo ink.

Does tattoo removal hurt? 

There is a mild pricking sensation during the procedure, most people are comfotable during the procedure.

How long is the recovery time associated after each  procedure? 

1 week.

Do you have before-and-after patient images to help to prepare me for what to expect? 

Yes, we do have images that will help you in making decision.

Will someone walk me through the process before going in for treatment? 

Yes, we have experts who will clarify all your doubts.

What are the side effects? 

There are minimal side effects to laser tattoo removal. However, in rare cases u may have:
  • Infection.
  • Lack of complete pigment removal
  • Permanent scar.
  • Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, where the treated skin is darker than surrounding skin.

Consult our dermatologist for the best treatment suited for your skin type.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pigmentation On Neck & Treatment at Aura Skin Clinic

This is fairly a common condition called as Acanthosis nigricans where in skin gets dark and thick with accentuation of skin lines. It is a warning sign of a health problem that requires medical attention. So its high time that you give your skin some attention.

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Why do we develop these lesions?

It could be because of various causes:
  • Hereditary
  • Benign that is associated with endocrine disorders
  • Obesity
  • Drug induced
  • Malignancy
Which age group is commonly prone?

Childhood or puberty, other age groups depend on underlying condition.

How do these lesions appear?

The lesions are dark and thick with accentuation of skin markings, it gives velvety and dirty appearance.

Is it always seen on the neck?

It is commonly seen over axillae neck, groins, knuckles and submammmary lines,
oral mucosa.

But a lot of patients may not have all the areas involved most commonly we see this over neck and groin

How do you diagnose?

History of usage of any medication.

Blood investigations for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Skin biopsy in some cases.

Imaging and endoscopy to rule out malignancy

What is the treatment?

Maintaining a healthy life style like regular exercise and eating right kind of food.

If you are obese you should check on your weight. In case of drug induced acanthosis nigricans offending drugs should be stopped.

Cosmetic treatments include topical retinoids and keratolytics.

At Aura Skin Clinic our dermatologists will take a detailed history of your condition and treat accordingly.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vitiligo Treatment , Dr Sravani - Aura Skin and Hair Clinic , Vizag

Vitiligo is the one of the most common dermatology condition.The cosmetic impact of this disease is tremendous, due to the unsightly appearance there is lot of psychological impact on the patient.
so i thought my patients should know about different treatment options available and  Ofcourse, treatment always depends on the age, sight and size of the lesion.

Vitiligo Treatment - Aura Skin Clinic , Visakhapatnam

The most recent advances on the medical front are:

Narrow-band Ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) therapy 
Targeted Ultraviolet B (UVB)
Excimer laser therapies 
Topical immunomodulator treatment in the form of topical calcineurin inhibitors
Topical pseudocatalase
Topical Vitamin D analogues in combination with Ultraviolet (UV) light.

Surgical therapies

Surgical therapies, as a rule, are indicated in those patients who have a stable disease of at least one year that is no new lesions in 1 yr and not responding to medical treatment.

Autologous suction blister grafting,
Split-thickness grafting, 
Punch grafting, 
Smash grafting, 
Single follicular unit grafting,
Cultured epidermal suspensions  
Autologous melanocyte culture grafting. 

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