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Mangoes !! This summer fruit can be amazing for your skin ! - Dr.Sravani, Aura Skin & Hair Clinic, Visakhapatnam

"Give your skin a mango glow"

Come summers and the first thing that comes to mind are mangoes!! An integral part of India's culture, they were introduced by the Portuguese in the 15th Century. India is by far the largest producer of this fruit and accounts for about 40% of the entire production in the world. There are more than a 1000 varieties of mango grown in the country.

Emperors have lusted after it and poets have penned verses about its taste and virtues! Lets see how this much loved fruit is good for your skin!

One cup of mango contains 67 % of your daily vitamin C and more than 8 percent of your daily copper, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Including mango in your diet is a great way to support your skin health. The high vitamin C content helps support your body’s natural collagen production. The high antioxidant content helps prevent sun damage and premature aging.

Mangoes may also be able to hydrate your skin when applied topically. Mango butter, extracts, and oils are becoming increasingly more popular in skin care products. Let’s look at some of thee benefits in detail.


The nutritional values of mango are in abundance, 
from vitamins to minerals to antioxidants.
So, what’s so healthy about a mango?

Vitamin C – this important vitamin reduces the damage induced by the sun’s UV rays, although it’s not a sunscreen, it protects against free radicals. Administering vitamin C topically (through the skin) has a better effect for this than taking it orally. It can likewise reduce inflammation caused by acne and lighten the skin.

Vitamin A – also known as Retinol, diminishes fine lines by stimulating collagen production and lightening dark patches on the skin.

Vitamin B6 – a water-soluble vitamin that reduces sebum on the skin (oily skin).

Copper – reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens the skin and fights against damage from free radicals.

Potassium – keeps cells hydrated to moisturize the skin.

Magnesium – helps to reduce oily skin, acne, and rosacea.

Beta-carotene - boosts immunity and protects the skin against bacteria and toxins, and prevents premature aging.

Vitamin E – a fat-soluble vitamin that’s famous for hydrating the skin.

Vitamin K – a fat-soluble vitamin that helps to reduce stretch marks and spider veins.


The mango pulp, extracts, butter, and even the skins, are used as natural skincare ingredients to protect, revitalize, and smooth your skin. Most often, you'll see mango extract and mango butter in products.

How mango can be used for skin health:

Along with eating fresh mango, you can consume mango oil or extract for a more concentrated dose of the key nutrients. You can also apply mango directly to your skin using mango butter or by adding mango to a face mask.

Benefits of mango Butter for skin:

Mango butter and cocoa butter have very similar fat profiles and physical properties. Applying mango butter to your skin has the potential to form a protective barrier that helps your skin retain moisture especially for Dry skin. It has a high potential to replenish moisture and soften skin when used in a foot cream.

Avoid mango butter on acne prone skin.

After using mango butter, the pulp from a mango, or a mango-containing moisturizer, you’ll notice your skin is clean and healthy with a distinct glow. Mango skin benefits include the AHA's and antioxidants.

Benefits of Mango oil and mango extract for the skin:

Mango oil and mango extract usually come from the kernel, skin, or leaves of mangoes. They’re often used in cosmetics and sunscreen for their high concentration of antioxidants, selenium, copper and zinc.So mangoes should definitely be incorporated into the diet for great looking skin!!


Mango contains a chemical called urushiol, people who are sensitive to this can develop Dermatitis and hives, so watch out for these if you are eating the fruit for the first time.

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