Saturday, December 8, 2018

10 Simple Rules for Teenage Skin Care - By Dr Sravani Sandhya, Skin Specialist at Aura Skin and Hair Clinic, Vizag.

It's almost impossible to get through your teen years without a slew of complaints about your skin. Expert dermatologist Dr.Sravani Sandhya offers skin advice to help you keep your complexion looking healthy and fresh.

Teenage skin comes next only to baby skin when talk about delicate and should be cared for well.Fight those everyday school stresses with these top 10 essential skincare tips for teenagers.

1.) Make sure you wash your face twice daily. Invest in a good facial cleanser.

2.) Splash your face many times with plain cold water to prevent dirt and excess oiliness from settling on your face.

3.) Follow a strict cleansing, toning and moisturising routine every morning and night, without fail

4.) Exfoliate at least once every week.

5.) Exercise regularly and meditate.

6.) Drink lots of water to keep your system and skin well hydrated. A well hydrated system can combat pimples and acne better.

7.) Stay away from junk food, they only add and contribute to pimples & acne.

8.) Sleep at least for 8 hours and avoid getting stressed.

9.) Minimise makeup usage to occasions when it is really needed. Excess makeup adds to oiliness and results in pimples, acne and other skin problems.

10.) Don't get too worked up or hypersensitive about things. These too add up to your skin problems.

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