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Is Bakuchi the new wonder ingredient?? - Dr. Sravani Sandhya, Aura Skin & Hair Clinic Visakhapatnam.


Bakuchi or Babchi is the new wonder ingredient that has powerful skin healing properties! Let us talk about this wonder ingredient in detail that is synonymous with being a miracle additive to several skin products. All parts of this magical plant are useful such as the stem, roots, leaves and seeds however the powder of its seeds and the oil are the most potent and effective remedy for the skin. Babchi seeds have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and now has found its place in modern science as well. 

 Can Bakuchiol replace Retinols?

Retinoids are defined as a family of naturally occurring compounds comprising of Vitamin A(retinols) and its derivatives. Retinol stimulates cellular activity and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin to avoid loss of moisture and collagen promoting tissues. Bakuchiol works with a similar genetic function and results in improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, firmness and reduction in photo damage without the risks involved with usage of Retinoids.

Some of the other uses in skin care. 

  • It helps brighten the skin by visibly reducing the pigmentation and plumps it at the same time by boosting collagen production.
  •  Bakuchi is also known to treat Vitiligo. The active ingredient in Bakuchi is ‘Psoralens’ which on exposure to sunlight helps form melanin in skin that has lost pigmentation. There are studies that suggest that an Ayurvedic paste or Lepa applied to Vitiligo patients is found to be effective.
  • Babchi oil can be used on the scalp & hair to control hair loss, fight fungal infections and also gives relief from psoriasis and eczema.
  • It also has anti inflammatory properties and can help improving acne & their scars. It helps reduce boils and skin eruptions.


What is the difference between Babchi oil and Bakuchiol?

Babchi oil is a product of Bakuchi seeds whereas Bakuchiol is the active chemical component in it. It can be used as an oil though it is better to use it in a blend such as a cream for safe and effective results. 

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Niacinamide: Benefits & Usage! Reviewed by Dr. Sravani Sandhya

Niacinamide is a common term we hear these days in several skin products and serums!it offers a wide range of well documented topical skin benefits! From acne, eczema to antiageing, you name it and it can help in their treatment. Niacinamide is particularly important to our body, as we cannot produce the vitamin on our own. The vitamin itself is water-soluble, which means that we must either eat it or apply it topically to reap its benefits. Niacinamide also goes by the names “vitamin B3” and “nicotinamide,” a nonacid form of B3.

The benefits of vitamin B3 are as follows…..

  • It helps with acne, rosacea and other skin conditions.

  • It keeps the skin hydrated.

  • Helps treat fine lines and wrinkles 

  • It can help prevent skin cancer

  • It repairs skin damage.

  • It is compatible with most other skin products.


AM Routine

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

  2. Apply your toner

  3. Niacinamide serum

  4. Moisturiser/Primer

  5. Sunscreen

PM Routine

  1. Take your makeup off.

  2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

  3. Apply your toner

  4. Apply Retinol (20 minutes after the toner)

  5. Moisturise with Niacinamide or an Overnight Mask.

Side effects of topical use of Niacinamide creams include redness, burning and mild itching. It is always advisable to consult your dermatologist before taking niacinamide orally or using it topically especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have diabetes, liver disease, gout or gall bladder issues. Using retinol serum alsong with niacinamide serum may increase the chances of skin irritation.

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Sunday, November 7, 2021

AHA's Vs BHA's! Which one should you choose?? by Dr.Sravani Sandhya, Aura Skin & Hair Clinic, Visakhapatnam

AHA's and BHA's. What they are and how you should choose which one is right for you !

We hear the words AHAs and BHAs commonly these days. These are nothing but types of hydroxy acids. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid whereas BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid.

AHAs are water-soluble acids made from sugary fruits, they help peel away the surface of your skin so that new, more evenly pigmented skin cells may generate and take their place. After using them you will likely notice that your skin is smoother to the touch.

On the other hand, BHAs are oil-soluble acids. Unlike AHAs, BHAs can get deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum and exfoliate the skin from within.Which Acid should you choose?

AHAs are primarily used for:

     mild hyperpigmentation like age spots, melasma, and scars

     enlarged pores

     fine lines and surface wrinkles

    uneven skin tone

Although AHAs are often marketed as safe for all skin types, you’ll want to take care if you have extremely dry and sensitive skin. You may need to gradually work up to daily use to avoid irritating your skin.

BHAs, on the other hand, are primarily used for acne and sun damage. These products go deep into your hair follicles to dry out excess oils and dead skin cells to unclog your pores. Because of these effects, BHAs are most suitable for combination to oily skin. Lower concentrations may be used to help calm sensitive skin. You may also have more success with BHAs if you want to reduce rosacea-related redness.

The purpose of both AHAs and BHAs is to exfoliate the skin.Still, neither type of hydroxy acid is “better” than the other. Both are highly effective methods of deep exfoliation. The differences lie in their uses. Lets look at some of their uses in detail.

Benefits of AHAs in Skin Care

1.AHAs Treat and Prevent Acne

Dead skin cells play a huge role in the formation of acne. These dead skin cells accumulate and buildup over time, eventually mixing with oil and sebum and causes a breakout. Using a chemical exfoliator busts those dead skin cells and loosens the bond they have with the hardened sebum.

2.AHAs Reduce Hyper pigmentation

Both at-home and salon treatments using AHAs can help reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation in skin. Hyper pigmentation usually occurs when there is an excess production of melanin (a pigment that causes darkness), inflammation, sun damage or other skin injuries. The excess melanin gives the appearance of discolouration, unevenness, and hyper pigmentation. AHAs can be an effective treatment to reduce hyper pigmentation because they remove the cells in the epidermis that have darkened with melanin.

3.AHAs Improve Damage Caused by Sun

Similar to the benefits of reducing hyper pigmentation, AHAs improve discolouration associated with sun damage. AHAs have long been studied for their positive effects on photo aged skin. 

4.AHAs Prevent Dehydration

Here is the key reason why AHAs are recommended for dehydrated skin. AHAs increase the rate of skin cell renewal, which encourages lipids to move faster as well. This allows the epidermis to hold onto moisture for longer and reduces the risk of Transepidermal Water Loss.

5.AHAs Result in Smoother Skin

The chemical exfoliation process of AHAs improves rough textures and reveals smoother, softer skin. In people with dry, flaky skin, these results can be noticed quickly.

Benefits of BHAs in Skin Care

BHAs travel deeper in the skin and are not as gentle as AHAs. However, oily and acne-prone skin types may need the tough love that BHAs provide.

While AHAs loosen the bonds between dead skin cells and sebum, BHAs penetrate into the pores and extract impurities. BHAs are great exfoliators to remove dead skin cells and the buildup of dirt on skin, but it’s oil soluble properties yield other great benefits.

1.BHAs for Oily Skin

Scientists commonly refer to BHAs as lipophilic, which means oil loving. BHAs love oils, making them incredible agents at balancing the oil levels in your skin. They draw out the excess oils in your skin, so when you wash away the BHAs with water, they take the oils with them.

For oily skin types, BHAs like salicylic acid are a game changer at putting a stop to excessive oil production and regulating the moisture balance in skin. Plus, BHAs actually penetrate pores, unclog them, and make them appear smaller.

2.BHAs Fight Acne

Similar to AHAs, BHAs help treat and prevent acne. However, BHAs may be a more effective treatment because they penetrate deeper. BHAs are also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, which helps them to relieve acne.

The ability of BHAs to dissolve oil in pores makes them comedolytic, a scientific term that means BHAs can dissolve comedones. BHAs suppress the bacteria that causes acne and travels deep enough to unclog pores, making them an effective treatment to fight breakouts.

3.BHAs Reduce Hyperpigmentation

BHAs encourage basal cell layer stimulation and remove surface cells, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation. With BHAs, skin cells that are affected by hyper pigmentation or excess melanin are removed and replaced with new skin cells that aren’t discoloured.

4.BHAs Encourage Anti-Aging

Many of the benefits of BHAs are related to anti-aging. Since BHAs improve rough textures, they can also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They’re also effective at reducing hyper pigmentation due to photo aging as well as dark sunspots.

The chemical exfoliation properties of BHAs stimulate cell renewal by sloughing away dead skin cells and making room for new ones. 


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WHAT IS PRF or the new age PRP treatment???

 WHAT IS PRF or the new age PRP treatment???

(PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin): The Ultimate Blood Concentrate)

The use of blood concentrates is becoming more popular in medical aesthetics to help men and women achieve a younger and fresher look by using their own cells. PRF is the next step in the evolution of natural skin and hair rejuvenation.
Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is the second generation treatment after Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRF is a natural solution that can treat areas in the face that show the first signs of aging like under-eye hollows, deflated cheeks and the scalp for hair restoration.
Harvested PRP has platelets, fibrin and white blood cells, which helps achieve wound healing, collagen production and improved elasticity. PRF contains a very high concentration of white blood cells, fibrin and a small number of stem cells found circulating in our bloodstream. PRF becomes a gel after 15 to 20 minutes of being isolated and immediately upon being injected into the face or scalp. This process allows it to be used for cosmetic volume and hair restoration.

How Is PRF Obtained?

1.  First, we do a simple blood draw into tubes.
2.  The tubes are then centrifuged for 5 minutes.
3.  The tubes are taken out of the centrifuge and the top portions of the centrifuged tubes are drawn up to obtain the PRF for clinical treatment.

How Is PRF Different From Traditional Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

The blood that is collected for PRF is spun in a special low-speed centrifuge to isolate the platelets and white blood cells from the red blood cells. The reason the centrifuge is spun at much higher rate to obtain the PRP is to eliminate all Red Blood Cells (RBC) by pushing them down with gravitational force. This is a good idea; however, by spinning the tube too fast for too long we also eliminate the good cells that are necessary.

The tubes are 100% Natural and devoid of any anticoagulant or additives. As a result, fibrinogen molecules can be converted to thrombin into fibrin during the blood clot formation.
Since there is no anticoagulant in the tube that the blood is collected, the plasma actually forms a platelet and white blood cell-rich fibrin scaffold once injected into the treatment area. The fibrin clot allows for a much slower and longer release of the growth factors and cytokines (up to 1 week versus few hours with PRP), again resulting in more clinical results.

Since the blood is spinning at very low g-force to obtain the PRF, the platelet recovery is close to 100% with the PRF.  We are also using only 1/10th of the volume collected. Hence, PRF contains more platelets per mcL than PRP. Additionally, PRF also has leukocytes (WBC) & mesenchymal stem cells, unlike PRP, resulting in more potential clinical results.

How Does PRF Work?

Fibrin is a biological scaffold that forms in response to an injury anywhere in the body. Platelets circulating in the blood will bind to a scaffold of fibrin. When platelets bind to the fibrin scaffold, they become activated and release growth factors, which start the wound healing process by creating new skin cells, collagen and blood vessels. By injecting PRF into an area on the face or scalp, a controlled inflammatory response is created, which kickstarts new cell growth and collagen production.
How Is PRF Used?
The prepared PRF is immediately ready for injection into the face to fill facial folds and wrinkles, to plump the hollows under the eyes and dark circles, and to improve skin tone and texture. The PRF can also be injected into the scalp to aid with hair restoration and growth.  

How Does PRF Treat The Under-eye Loose Skin And Dark Circles?

The skin under the eyes is one of the thinnest skin on our body. It can be one of the first areas that show signs of aging.  PRF is one of the ideal treatments that improves this area and can be a better option than heat-based skin tightening devices.
PRF can also enhance the results of fillers under the eyes. Injecting fillers under the eyes can instantly improve the hollowness under the eyes and is a fabulous treatment to instantly rejuvenate this area. However, too much fillers under the eyes can make the eyes look puffy or cause a bluish tinge if injected too superficially. Also, it can be very difficult to treat the dark circles only with fillers. Injecting PRF in additional to the fillers can significantly enhance the results of the fillers by tightening the loose skin under the eyes and improving the dark circles.

What is the success rate of PRP or PRF?
 A 2017 study in Italy found male patients had increased hair and density in areas where doctors used PRP/PRF therapy.
We believe that it takes a minimum of three months to see an improvement. After that time, most of our patients – both male and female have regrown 30% to 40% of the hair they've lost.

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